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Fariba Ferdowsi


"Fariba is outstanding. She helped us find our first home this summer. She was very knowledgeable of the area we were looking to buy a house in. We looked into many houses in northern Virginia and we were always able to count on her to deliver some insights that we were not aware of about the area. Her attention to detail is excellent re the design, floor plan, lighting, usability, and quality of the houses. She definitely helped us make a good decision on our first home. She was available whenever we wanted to go see some houses and was diplomatic and objective when dealing with listing agents which resulted in our offers getting accepted multiple times. Overall, we could not have asked for a better agent and she in fact went above and beyond her role for us. We'd highly recommend her to anyone." -Bam A.

We selected Fariba over our “neighborhood real estate experts” because she had helped friends on two different occasions in two different real estate markets get the best value for their home. We wanted a real estate agent that had a fresh set of eyes not only for how to price our house, but how to stage it, how to effectively engage prospective buyers, & most importantly how to negotiate to get us the best offer possible. We honestly wanted it all, we wanted a real estate agent that we liked as a person and was exceptional in the field. Well we hit the jackpot with Fariba on all accounts! She combined her extensive knowledge of the general real estate trends with specific data for our neighborhood to identify the best possible time to list our home. This resulted in multiple offers within 4 days of being on the market.

Fariba is kind and genuinely cares about her clients and conducts business with the utmost integrity & honestly. She is the unique combination of confident, calm, & reserved while being a POWERHOUSE in negotiations. She worked diligently (till 9pm at night) negotiating with each seller’s agent so that by the time she was presenting offers to us she was presenting what she believed were the best possible offers. When she presented them to us, we looked at each other as if to say “this can’t be real” it was better than we could have ever hoped for. My husband and I fondly call her the “master negotiator”. She negotiated terms for us that we didn’t even know were an option.

We are not writing this recommendation simply because Fariba was able to get us top dollar for our house with wonderful contract terms. We are writing this recommendation because she did all that AND made us feel supported, nurtured & special. -Sheila & Jeff Beard

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the extraordinary service I received from an exceptional member of your staff by the name of Fariba Ferdowsi. I was introduced to Fariba by a referral. he warm and straightforward manner put me at ease from the start. From the moment I met her, I was confident that she would be successful in obtaining for me the optimum price for my home.

Fariba is extremely confident, energetic and enthusiastic. She is so multi-talented that at times I felt as if I was working with three people instead of one. She is a gifted agent, creative artist and photographer. The advertising literature she produced for my home, her expert staging, and the pictures she put on the Internet were key in selling my place so quickly.

My sister, Marge Kane, met Fariba. Marge has over thirty years of experience in the Real Estate Industry as a broker, manager and top producing agent. She was impressed with Fariba's real estate expertise, honesty and integrity and felt that I had perfect agent working for me.

Weichert Realty is extremely fortunate to have such a superb representative working on their behalf. I would recommend Fariba to anyone buying or selling a home, as I had a very positive experience working with her. She is a veritable gem and a true credit to her profession. - Joan Bishop

As a former client, I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Fariba Ferdowsi, a real estate agent in Northern Virginia. Ms. Ferdowsi was our real estate agent for the recent sale of our home in Rockville, MD. My husband and I were deeply impressed by her skills and talents, qualities that enabled the sale of our home to happen quickly, in a manner that pleased both the buyers and sellers.

It takes a combination of skills to be an effective real estate agent. Ms. Ferdowsi possesses these skills to an unusual degree and applies them successfully in her work. These capacities are reflected in the various components of selling a house: Pricing the house. The first thing to attract a buyer’s attention is the price of the house. If it is too high, he may automatically disregard the property; if it is too low, he may doubt the property’s quality and desirability. Ms. Ferdowsi worked diligently to price our home competitively, taking into consideration the property, the neighborhood and the market. After forming her estimated range, she consulted with my husband and me as to our recommendation. The accuracy of her pricing was confirmed by the assessor who evaluated the house prior to its sale.

Presentation of the house. Ms. Ferdowsi’s artistic talents came into play in this component of the sale. The ability to present a home attractively and honestly is crucial. A good real estate agent realizes the selling points of the house and attunes these to the expectations of buyers. Too often agents are careless in their efforts to ensure that the house is clean and appealing; it also happens that agents try to present a middle-income house as a “wannabe” upper-income home, with disappointing results. Ms. Ferdowsi built on the strengths of the house and highlighted its most pleasing aspects. The house was decorated simply but beautifully. The less attractive aspects of the house, older appliances, were strengthened with the addition of homeowner’s insurance. The end result was an inviting atmosphere that readily impressed visitors.

Photos of the house. Photos are a key element of selling a house, as these are used to present the property on the Internet and in brochures and postcards. Ms. Ferdowsi is a gifted photographer. She carefully arranged and photographed each room of the house, showing it off to its best advantage. One has only to look at the mediocre, even dismal, photos of houses on the Internet to grasp the importance of this aspect of the sale.

Additional strategies for the sale. In addition to the usual strategies of the Internet, open houses and brochures, Ms. Ferdowsi also prepared a promotion card for the house that was sent to residents of nearby apartment complexes, many of whom are possible first-time home buyers. The advertisement highlighted the favorable mortgage rate compared to current rental fees and presented the house as ideal for investors who may wish to buy the house as a rental property.

Communication. Last but not least, Ms. Ferdowsi’s communication skills contributed greatly to the ease and success of selling the house. She was always available to talk to us, anytime. She counseled us on every aspect of the sale, always offering helpful, patient advice. Her experience and competence as an agent are complimented by her open, friendly manner.

The final result. Our house was sold after being on the market for only ten days. All our acquaintances were surprised by the speed and success of the sale. We simply tell them, “We had Fariba as our agent.”

My husband and I would unhesitatingly recommend Ms. Ferdowsi to anyone who wishes to work with an experienced, talented, honest and friendly real estate agent. -Suellen Treadwell

"Fariba was a delight to work with. She took the time to discuss all of our options and really listened to our priorities. Her understanding of the market and her explanations were clear, thorough and knowledgeable. 

She knows the Vienna area well and was Informed on details of all the competing properties, their condition and renovations.

We were able to sell our house within a few weeks of beginning the process with Fariba." -Jane Dunnington

We wanted to thank you again for finding us our new home. It is absolutely the perfect home for us and we could not be happier. 

From your initial consultation through final closing, you were an exceptional agent. Your patience and insightful advice allowed us to identify our joint expectations and express our individual perspectives. You provided us with clear and direct answers to our questions, and prompted us to carefully consider all of our options during each step of the process. Most impressive was your ability to discover exactly what we were looking for and then take proactive and creative efforts to close the deal. Your negotiation and communication skills, especially during the post-contract period, were essential to keeping everything on track. What we are trying to say is that we could not have done it without you. Thank you!

We are very happy in our new home and plan to spend many years there, but when the time comes, there is no question you will be the one to find us the next home! -Jack and Kelli Ann

I write this letter to state that Fariba Ferdowsi was the realtor for the sale of my property effective 1 April 2013. Mrs. Ferdowsi was the driving force behind the entire sale and dealt with the foreclosing bank, the buyer, and my personal lawyer. She did this on her own initiative, as I was preoccupied with my own set of priorities at this time. I cannot overstate the combination of zeal and patience Fariba exhibited during this trying period of my life. Mrs. Ferdowsi has my personal undying gratitude and hearty recommendation of her assistance to anyone seeking to sell or buy a residence. Fariba will go the extra mile for you. -Steve Wingate

We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Ms. Fariba Ferdowsi, a real estate agent who managed the sale of our former residence at 9903 Rustic Rail Lane in Vienna, VA in 2007 and the purchase of our current residence in 2008. We have known Ms. Ferdowsi for many years and have consistently found her to be highly professional and very competent, and always operating with the highest possible level of integrity.   


We were particularly pleased with several aspects of the service Ms. Ferdowsi provided as our sales agent: 

  1. She and her associate created a well-staged video of our property which provided a better preview on the internet than the photos typically prepared by other agents.
  2. She performed an extensive review of comparables, both sold and on the market, as well as a review of tax assessments for other properties in the area.
  3. She was willing to accept a higher listing price initially than she thought was reasonable for the property, so that we would be comfortable with the sales process.
  4. She negotiated a sale price that was $10,000 higher than the price we were willing to accept during negotiation with the buyer. 
  5. She accompanied the inspector for the buyer to understand his view on the items in the house that needed repair.
  6. She provided a handyman who quickly and efficiently fixed the items found to be in need of repair by the inspector working for the purchaser.
  7. She dealt very effectively with the agent representing the buyer of our property when this agent made demands at the settlement that were at odds with the terms in the contract. -Theodore R. Breton, Vera B. Breton

I am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude for the most extraordinary experience I had with you on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 regarding your real estate consultation. Honestly, this was the first time I sat with a real estate agent and did not feel rushed. When you arrived at my home, I was thinking of my previous experiences with a few other real estate agents, who from the beginning, wanted to get a contract, sell the house, get their share and leave me with all the negative outcomes of a hasty decision for the rest of my life. Due to my complicated life and being confused about my future residence, I felt it was necessary for me to be honest with you about my feelings, financial status, and future goals.

You patiently listened without interruption, asked a few questions, and began searching in your computer for something that fits my situation. We discussed several options and finally you advised me to hold off on selling my house and wait until I am certain what I want to do with my life. I am profoundly impressed by your patience, kindness, work ethics, values, knowledge, and professionalism who puts customer in front of herself. I recall asking you but what about you; you drove a long way to come to my house, and spent almost four hours to listen to me and now you are leaving empty-handed. You kindly said that you have already achieved your goal through giving me the best advice for the present, and keeping me safe from a hasty decision.

Your voice saying that “you have already achieved your business goal”, still echoes in my mind. I am confident that your business goal is in alignment with your real estate mission statement. There is no doubt in my mind that agents like you are an asset to any organization in maintaining both business and service objectives to the communities. In conclusion, I must say, you and your company are the first to contact should I ever reach my final decision for sale. -Soraya Shir (mohammadi)

"Fariba helped us find our dream home and negotiated the price down an unbelievable amount!

We had been actively looking at homes with Fariba for about 7 months (we are very picky in what we want). She was very patient and helped us greatly with each home we considered. She quickly got to know what we were looking for in a home and provided a lot of insight on things we did not consider but should. On a number of properties that we were considering, she provided her honest feedback about things she felt were issues at any given property. One would think that real estate agents have an incentive to get a sale quickly, but we truly felt Fariba had our best interest at heart.

When we came across the home we eventually bought, our jaws dropped. The same home located across rt 7 in Great Falls would have commanded $400-$500k more. Based on all the other homes we saw, we knew this was it so our thinking was as can be expected clouded with emotion. Fariba helped to ground us so that we could negotiate to get the best possible deal. She is very calm, deliberate and determined in her negotiation skills and was able to negotiate the price down by $120k and have the sellers include furniture and furnishings in the deal. There were times when we thought it was going to fall through, but she stayed steady and was able of getting us a great deal. What made it complex was that we had just sold our home with a 1 month rent back so we were on a deadline to close on the new home. She made sure every step in the process was completed on schedule and helped to resolve all issues that arose so that we can close in time for us to move directly from our old home into our new home without having to move twice.

She treated us as family and safe guarded our interests. She saved us a ton of money and a lot of hassle to make the moving process ideal. We couldn't have hoped for a better experience!" -Houshmand A.

" After living and renting in VA for almost 4 years, we decided to finally take the plunge and buy a townhouse in Virginia. We had heard about Fariba Ferdowsi through a close friend, and when we met Fariba in her office,we realized we could not have asked for a better first time home buying experience. She was able to very clearly identify the types of properties that met all of our criteria and that we described to her at our first meeting. She was also extremely patient and responsive with all of our concerns about the property and other options on the market at the time. 

Fariba stuck with us every step of the way. She has incredible knowledge of the market and provided us with a market analysis that was simply incredible in the detail included. Finally, she found our dream house in Kingstowne, and because of Fariba's excellent work, we have been living in our home happily for almost 5 years. 

We highly recommend calling Fariba if you're looking for someone to help guide you through the process, address your concerns, and help you seal the deal in this very competitive housing market. -Ferial and Babak

We were referred to Fariba Ferdowsi by a trusted friend. Her services were utilized for both a purchase and subsequent sale. Fariba has proven herself to be a consummate professional and epitomizes everything one should expect, and quite frankly demand, in a real estate agent. We had a number of extenuating circumstances during both our purchase and sale (health challenges and one person being out of state for extended periods), but Fariba guided us through every one of those situations with such ease making the process seamless and stress free for us. Her experience is vast and her network larger, so all of the questions that came up at any point were resolved expediently mostly based on her raw knowledge of the industry, or after consulting with her very reliable network (she insists on people who seem to parallel her moral and professional values). She was honest and very sensitive to all of our needs, while ensuring that she adhered to all rules and regulations regarding our purchase and sale, all of which we desired and appreciated.


As a buyers agent, Fariba quickly ascertained the type of property we desired and, as a result, our viewings were purposeful, without time wasted on rotten apples that should not have made the list in the first place. At the time that we were seeking to purchase, the market was not necessarily flooded with perfect options, but after that perfect neighborhood was identified, Fariba embarked on a letter writing campaign to residents in that area, who maybe were considering selling, but had not pursued it vigorously. This exemplified her amazing dedication to find us the right home and leaving no stone unturned, because in the end her compensation was the same whether or not she took that extra initiative. She was available, timely and responsive and because of her diligence, knowledge, and efforts we had a ratified contract in hand five weeks after our initial call to Fariba. 

 Needless to say, it was a no brainer who we would go to when we decided to sell our previous home. We were familiar with her and she had demonstrated that she was reliable and trustworthy. Just when we thought we knew all that Fariba had to offer, she demonstrated a whole other side to her level of expertise. Her suggestions on where to spend in preparing our home for sale were paramount in achieving top dollars. She assisted us in making limited, but impactful choices with our stager. When it came to pricing, she was knowledgeable and well aware of market trends in the neighborhood, but still allowed us options for choosing the right price. In the end, we made the decision that was right for us based on all the information she provided. No pressure! Happy to say that our home was on the market for two days, had forty plus showings, we had eight contracts to choose from with the bidding war that ensued, sold for thirty two thousand above the asking price, and closed in one month from ratification. Fariba is simply amazing and quite the comprehensive package. 

 Fariba definitely gets a five out of five stars from us and should certainly be an exemplar for real estate professionals. We unequivocally recommend her, so much so that we have referred close family to her. Portia Golding-Alleyne